The Things We Don’t Talk About is a podcast covering those topics that we know should be discussed, but we always seem to avoid.

These might be subjects that have acquired various degrees of stigma or embarrassment around them. They might be societal biases and structures that need to be challenged and changed.

Hosted by Mike Hartley and Alison Mulligan each episode features people from all areas of the technology community, and even the odd special guest for good measure. Not backing away from the difficult conversations, but also having a laugh and a good old chat whilst navigating some “tricky” conversations.



What are The Things We Don't Talk About?

Mental Health &

There's a stigma around Mental
Health that shouldn't exist.
Depression, Anxiety, Stress
etc. are nothing to be
ashamed of and people
should be able to
talk about
this openly

Disability &

How accessible are the Apps
that we build, or the reports
that we design?
Do the events we
organise work for
those with disabilities?
Let's talk about
these things,
and then see
how we can improve.

Diversity &

Let's talk about
Race, Gender, Age...
What are the key issues?
Why, in the 21st century, are we still having to talk about this?

And more...Relationships, addiction, religion, identity. The list goes on

Some of our AWESOME guests!

Dona Sarkar
Dona Sarkar@DonaSarkar
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💞Director of Tech @Microsoft Accessiblity ⚡️#PowerPlatform & #FusionTeams fan
🤷🏽‍♀️ @FastCompany Most Productive People 🧠 #Dyslexic & dealing 👗Designer
Carl Cookson
Carl Cookson@LinkeD365
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(Ex) Developer with passion for linking disparate apps. #PowerPlatform geek. Microsoft MVP
Seriously amazing guy. One of the best there is!
Malin Martnes
Malin Martnes@MalinMartnes
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Microsoft Business Applications MVP , MCT, Dynamics 365 Human Resources, CRM and Marketing Goddess!
Also a Liverpool fan, but we still love her anyway 😘
Emma D'Arcy
Emma D'Arcy@TattooedCRMGirl
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Microsoft MVP. #BotSquad 🤖 with @MSPowerVirtual and #PowerPlatform.
💚 Irish expat 💚 now a Philly Fan

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